A decade of devotion to their music has ushered Entangled Dreams into new era of their career. Michaela and Annabelle, identical twins who found their voices and song writing ability at the young age of 8 years old, Entangled Dreams has moved forward into a new era with their original music, which has grown into an infectious alternative rock sound. The band has 3 albums, a striking stage presence and lyrics that draw their audience in.

The band has played shows in multiple cities and states spreading the positive messages they portray in their songs, to people everywhere. This energetic and passionate duo often participates in local non profit events and fundraisers supporting causes that mean a lot to them.

Following awards, TV & magazine appearances, local radio play, and even a documentary about their journey, the band still strives for more. They've won multiple state awards and made many appearances in local press, in addition to their songs being played on the radio. The have devoted fans and always strive to expand that fan base. The ambiguity within their lyrics speaks to the masses. Their songs are rooted in a foundation of expressing inspiring, hopeful and often brutally honest emotion.

"Hyperaware of how difficult the music business can be, they stay sharply focused on every detail of their career, determined to make a life of music." Mel Minter - Albuquerque The Magazine

“Their work now has grown from folk, pop and indie sounds to alt-pop..." wrote Shannon Gentry in her ENCORE Magazine article. {SHANNON RAE GENTRY - Encore Magazine}

Entangled Dreams was formed over a decade ago, but as the twins have grown up, their music has grown with them and now presents as an inspirational powerhouse of Alternative Rock Music, as best recognized in their newest release "Into The Sun" {March 29th 2019}.

You can contact Entangled Dreams through email bella@entangleddreamsmusic.com